Les banques du reséau SWIFT attaquées en masse

Les banques du réseau SWIFT au centre d'une gigantesque arnaque

Le réseau SWIFT interpelle ses banques clientes devant les risques élevés de piratage, en attendant la nouvelle version de son logiciel. Ces derniers mois plusieurs casses ont dérobé des centaines de millions de US$ à la Banque du Bangladesh, la Banque d’Ukraine, l’Ecuadorian Bank et d’autres encore. | voir le blog Security Affairs en Anglais

SWIFT discloses more cyber attacks on its bank members and urges more security

SWIFT discloses more attacks against banks worldwide, pressures banks on security and urged member banks to implement the new SWIFT software by November 19.

In the last months, a worrisome string of attacks against banks worldwide through the SWIFT system has alarmed the banking industry. The so-called “SWIFT hackers” have conducted multiple cyber attacks against financial institutions. We reported the successful cyber heists on the Bangladesh bank, against a Ukrainian bank, and the Ecuadorian bank, meanwhile, a Vietnam bank reported to have blocked an ongoing cyber heist. In May, a fourth Bank in the Philippines was a victim of the SWIFT hackers and the experts at Symantec confirmed the malware used by the crooks shares code with tools used by the notorious Lazarus group linked to the North Korean Government…

Source : SWIFT discloses more cyber attacks on its bank membersSecurity Affairs