Un malware téléguidé pour Android cible les clients des banques | sur Freedom Hacker


Des cybercriminels ont lancé un nouvel outil à distance pour Android. Ce logiciel sophistiqué exécute trois tâches : l’accès à distance, le vol d’identifiants bancaires et la fuite de données. | sur Freedom Hacker

Android Remote Access Malware ‘HijackRAT’ Attacks Banking Users | sur Freedom Hacker

Cyber-criminals have released a new malicious remote access tool (RAT) for Android, the sophisticated malware executes three essential tasks, leaking data, banking credential theft, and remote access.

The newly uncovered malware disguises itself as a “Google Service Framework” application. When installed, the malware disables any antivirus applications found on the device before proceeding to its three primary tasks. Additionally, security firm FireEye reports that the developers are in the process of building a framework to steal bank account credentials. Dubbing the malware, ‘HijackRAT‘, is the first of its kind and the most sophisticated Android malware yet combining all of its activities.

FireEye researchers, Jinjian Zhai and Jimmy Su explain how the bank account hijacking framework has the ability to target eight Korean banks, but attackers could easily increase their range with a simple update. Too add, Zhai and Su write how they believe the developers reside in Korea based on the applications interface and believe they are targeting Korean consumers as well…

Source : Android Remote Access Malware ‘HijackRAT’ Attacks Banking Users – Freedom Hacker