RGPD : seule 1 entreprise sur 5 est prête

Une entreprise sur cinq n'a encore rien fait du tout

Une nouvelle étude d’IDC affirme qu’une entreprise européenne sur cinq, parmi les 700 interrogées, ne sait rien du GDPR. La même proportion s’estime prête tandis que les autres commencent à s’y préparer. L’article de We Live Security propose un lien vers la synthèse de l’étude.

IDC: 1 in 5 companies prepared for GDPR | via welivesecurity.com

New consent rules, broadened European privacy rights, fines going up to millions of euros, as well as stricter procedures and public disclosure in cases of a data breach – these are just some of the changes that will come into force as part of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018. Despite the significance of these changes, many companies have no idea what is coming their way with little more than a year to go until the deadline. As demonstrated by an IDC Research survey* conducted on behalf of ESET, a quarter (25%) of the 700 surveyed European companies admitted they were not aware of GDPR and more than half (52%) of them were unsure of the impact on their organizations.

Source : IDC: 1 in 5 companies prepared for GDPR