Les terminaux de paiement d’Oracle hackés | sur Security Affairs

Les terminaux de paiement Oracle MicrOS hackés

Les terminaux de paiement pour les points de vente MicrOS d’Oracle ont été hackés. Dans la foulée cinq réseaux de vendeurs de solutions basées sur MicrOS et qui fournissent des centaines de milliers de sociétés américaines, ont été compromis.

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Oracle MICROS hackers breached five more PoS system vendors | sur Security Affairs

Hackers that breached Oracle MICROS systems have infected systems of other five PoS vendors that supply hundreds of thousands of companies in the US.

Last week the systems of the Oracle MICROS payment terminals division have been infected by a malware, MICROS payment terminals are installed in the most important retail chains worldwide as well as stores and hotels worldwide (more than 330,000 locations in 180 countries).

The attackers infected the troubleshooting portal of the Oracle MICROS payment terminals to steal customers’ login credentials, then use the usernames and passwords to access their accounts and gain control over their MICROS point-of-sales (POS) terminals.

The Consumerist.com reported that the company sent a memo to its customers urging the password reset for current and former MICROS accounts. The passwords of the accounts used by MICROS staff to remotely control payment terminals worldwide have to be reset.

“Oracle Security has detected and addressed malicious code in certain legacy MICROS systems,” reads a letter sent by the company to customers of its MICROS point-of-sale system…

Source : Oracle MICROS hackers breached five more PoS system vendorsSecurity Affairs